coaching in english

coaching for individuals

As a coach I help you develop and reach your personal and / or professional goals. On your way to self-fulfillment I support you with empathy and consistently resource-oriented methods. In this process you can count on my more than 15 years of experience in psychosocial counselling, human resources development and -management and general management.

If desired I also work with body-oriented methods based on Yoga, e.g. for stress reduction and stress release, an enhanced development of mindfulness and body awareness, relaxation and focusing.

coaching for teams

In modern work-flow, teams are challenged with rapidly changing circumstances and situations. This can lead to stress and overstrain symptoms in individuals. In the worst case, team members fall sick with burn-out syndrome.

In a team coaching process, I can help you identify stress factors and support you to find your specific solutions to manage them. In these cases I love to work with body-oriented elements from Yoga and other techniques like for instance MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).

coaching with elements of Yoga

By request, I also work with body-oriented elements in your individual coaching process. The techniques I use are very helpful respects of stress reduction and prevention of burn-out-syndrome. But they can also initiate the development of new perspectives and help lay the focus on goals and priorities. Furthermore, you can reach new levels of awareness and mindfulness.

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