yoga in english

I teach Yoga on basis of Ashtanga Yoga for groups and individuals, for beginners as well as for advanced students.

Ashtanga Yoga helps you access and develop your physical and mental strength. It trains your muscle power and your flexibility in equal measure. Ashtanga Yoga synchronizes breath and movement so that you can get into a state of “dynamic meditation”. As one of many results you will get calmer and forget about your daily challenges temporarily, and find relaxation.

Based on my working experiences with sexually traumatized girls and women, I also teach trauma-sensitive Yoga.

yoga for individuals

You are curious about Yoga or you want to slip deeper into your Yoga experience? You want to learn a certain asana, try breathing techniques in Pranayama or want to get access to meditation?

I am happy to to offer lessons at your home and help you reach your personal goals.

Please get in contact with me.

yoga for groups

My classes are usually taught in German. Your team or group is English-speaking? Contact me and we set up your English-speaking class.

trauma-sensitive yoga

Ashtanga Yoga values anatomically correct practice. In doing so, we prevent physical damage. As a result, teachers – including myself – often try to help students with correct anatomical alignment by physical touch. Sometimes a touch helps you understand a posture better than any word could do. Usually I teach breathing techniques with fairly rigid rules, for example about the length of breath or holding your breath to get maximum effect. Relaxation and meditation are usually taught in calm sitting or lying positions.

For unprepared, traumatized individuals, all of this might lead to certain problems because it can trigger old feelings and memories. This can undermine the salutogenetic effects of Yoga very quickly. On the other hand, improved body awareness and mindfulness is a powerful and infinite resource especially for persons with traumatic experiences:

Yoga can help you to

  • increase body awareness
  • be better aware of your moods and emotions
  • learn “grounding” techniques in physical posture and breathing, which can soothe panic and anxiety
  • learn energetic postures to limit and/or end dissociation and ease depression

Therefore, my trauma-sensitive teaching is different from my regular classes:

  • I will always invite you to change position or try another posture if you start to feel uncomfortable. Your Yoga practice is your personal playground in figuring out what is good for you. Anatomical correctness is only important as far as it helps you to prevent physical damage.
  • You will always have the choice to hold a posture longer or shorter than any other person in the room – just as you like.
  • I will teach you awareness of your breath without any “rules” – and you are always welcome to end a technique when you feel it is no good for you.
  • I will never touch you physically without announcing first and without your permission

I offer trauma-sensitive Yoga

  • for individuals – do not hesitate to ask – confidentiality of information is one of my professional duties
  • for groups, only in co-operation with a second trained professional

You want to contact me for more details? Don´t hesitate and find my contact information